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June 24, 2008


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perfect, just perfect. I could look at these all day long! sarah, once again you are amazing (Lucy is to die for!)


Great shots Sarah! Love lil Lucy and your photos!


SUPER CUTE! I love them all, but I love love the black and white one!

Desiree Lang

OMW.....the picture of Marci and Lucy is priceless. How can she (Marci) look so good????????? GORGEOUS!!! And I love how baby Lucy is still pink and Marci is tan. :) Great job, Sarah.


Can they be any cuter??? Love the image of Lucy and Marci, they both look so cuddly and cute!


the picture of marci and lucy is breathtaking!


Is Lucy smiling???? I love her little feet in the pic w. Marci! So sweet, LOVE them. Great job again Sarah!

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